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Water Pretreatment

We serve many pretreatment plants, we preserve them from varaity problems in work. Our products showed best in market field test and operational work.

Membranes & Filtration treatments

Our expertise in both industry technologies and membrane systems benefits our customers by improving their operations and efficiency. Our most expirienced aplications accros industry are on fileds : membrane systems ( reverse osmosis, ultrafiltration, desalination), media filtration ( single or multimedia, carbon) and mechanical filtration (cartridge and microfiltration).

Discover what we can do:

(RO) systems can treat virtually any feedwater if certain quality guidelines are met. Good pretreatment is necessary to remove the suspended solids, colloidal material, metals, etc., and keep the RO system on-line and functioning well.

Water-softening chemicals required may include demineralizers, dechlorinators, and ion exchangers. Pretreatment water softening minimizes the potential for calcium or magnesium to result in scale formation on filtration system membranes. 

Alpha chemicals has experience supporting a variety of membrane and filter operations such as: birm, carbon filters, greensand, microfiltration and ultrafiltration, multi-media filtration, and sand filters.

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