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Wastewater Treatment

Our major strength is wastewater treatment is to bring You special products and program to maximize Your performance.


Alpha chemicals will customize a wastewater treatment process that optimizes chemical usage, effluent flow rates, and off-site treatment costs. We bring to the field the most experienced technical sales and support team among water treatment companies around the world. No matter what your industry, Alpha Chemical product will select the optimal organic and inorganic chemicals to reduce your discharge costs and optimize your effluent system.

Our treatment programs offer a complete portfolio of emulsion flocculants, including chemical, electrolytic, and physical methods.

Full product line for foam reduction and elimination in industrial water systems, and can provide a defoaming agent best-suited to optimize your system.

Our treatment programs are effective in all discharge pH ranges and result in savings in treatment time and chemical usage.

ALPHA chemicals general broschure

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A-TRACE – Alpha chemical tracer technology

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Product guidline – Cooling Boilers

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Food & Beverage chemicals

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Pulp & Paper chemicals

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