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Raw Water

Our treatment programs are designed for Your needs.


Raw water must be treated, or clarified, prior to being used as makeup water in most utility processes.

Clarification removes suspended and dissolved solids, bacteria, and other forms of impurities help prevent system scale, corrosion, and fouling.

Alpha chemical treatment programs add value to the existing mechanical clarification methods through chemical enhancement. Our team will work hand-in-hand with your team to test and evaluate your source water during a plant survey. Our engineers will then precisely select, apply, and monitor a customized treatment program to optimize your clarification system.

Discover what we can do:

Our coagulation and flocculation solutions include both organic and inorganic chemisitries.

Influent and effluent waters contain key constituents that need proper treatment: suspended, dissolved, and colloidal solids.

ALPHA chemicals general broschure

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A-TRACE – Alpha chemical tracer technology

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Product guidline – Cooling Boilers

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Food & Beverage chemicals

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Pulp & Paper chemicals

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