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Power industry

Energy has extremely high standards and requirements for achieving the maximum effective effects with the potential to reduce losses.

The technological requirements of power plants require a very high standard of quality, safety and production efficiency. Attribute our devices and support enables 24-HR operational processes without fear of emergency situations. With its sophisticated technology is achieved by reducing the consumption of energy sources, greater energy efficiency and durability, and the exploitation of the plant. User requirements are different but the result must be the same: quality, reliability and efficiency!

Find out more about Alpha chemical solutions for Power industry:

  • High pressure boilers

  • Steam generator treatment

  • Cooling water chemicals

  • Condensate polishing

  • Corrosion inhibitiors

  • Oxygen scavangers

  • Anti-fouling agents

  • Anti-foaming agents

ALPHA chemicals general broschure

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A-TRACE – Alpha chemical tracer technology

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Product guidline – Cooling Boilers

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Food & Beverage chemicals

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Pulp & Paper chemicals

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