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Boiler Systems

Boiler tube deposits, components, and the mechanisms by which they form are varied, and can be complex. Boiler systems require effective chemical treatment, accurate monitoring, and control.


A boiler water treatment program’s primary function is to keep heat transfer surfaces (steam-generating and associated tubes) free from scale and deposition. The second function is to inhibit corrosion. Boiler deposits are problematic because they typically contain undesirable levels of metal oxides, mineral scale, sludge, or various combinations. Corrosion generally occurs because of excessive levels of dissolved oxygen, but can also develop under tube deposits. Deposits and corrosion can lead to boiler tube failures that result in costly repairs and downtime.

What we have for offer:

Boiler sludge conditioner

  • Phosphate cycle
  • Dispersant polymers
  • Silica and iron oxide scale prevention
  • Alcalinity builder

Oxygen scavengers

  • Sulfite

  • Ascorbate

  • DEHA

  • Carbohydrazide

Condensate treatment

  • Neutralizing amines

  • Filming amines

FDA treatments

  • Food industry

  • Farmaceutical industry

VOS technology

  • All volatile
  • Very fast reaction vith O2
  • Promote passivation

  • Stable at high temperature

ALPHA chemicals general broschure

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A-TRACE – Alpha chemical tracer technology

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Product guidline – Cooling Boilers

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Food & Beverage chemicals

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Pulp & Paper chemicals

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